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Business Mentoring and Coaching for Personal Trainers

No packages – We offer bespoke coaching to you the individual starting from £25 a week. Here is a little more anout our Head coach and Mentor Natt Summers.

Natt Summers is a fitness entrepreneur, personal trainer, best-selling fitness author and mentor with an established track record of helping her clients accomplish their fitness and business goals. Her clients range from those seeking weight loss, rehabilitation/recovery from serious injury or trauma to gold medal winning Olympians and elite perfomers including globally recognised adventurer and survival expert, Bear Grylls.

NAtt conceived, designed and launched an innovative group exercise fitness brand in partnership with Bear Grylls and also co-authored the best-selling fitness book Your Life – Train for It with Bear.

Natt continues to run Accomplish Fitness, boutique fitness studios with a singular focus to help clients achieve their fitness and wellbeing goals through innovative and progressive fitness.

Natt’s fitness ethos is based on the proven and recognised principals of enhanced interval training. Interval training, specifically high intensity interval training (HIIT), offers maximum benefits in a shorter period of time to help you get the results you want without needing to spend hours in the gym.

Natt’s workouts typically involve the use of alternating periods of short intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recovery periods. The use of short, intense workouts have been proven to provide improved athletic capacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, improved fat burning and an overall reduction in cardio vascular related diseases.


Testimonials from Fitpro’s on Mentoring and Coaching with Natt Summers.

Natt Summers – what can I say? Having already been a level 2 group fitness instructor for 5 years my next aim was to teach children fitness but more importantly to make them strong. My son had been diagnosed with hyper mobility and was weak. I could instruct adults but not kids. A friend recommended Natalie and that her work with a certain Bear Grylls was going to lead into children’s fitness. I dropped everything in Teesside (North East of England) to work with Natalie over 2 weekends in February 2015. Her passion for children’s fitness was overwhelming. To create leaner stronger confident kids was her ambition and to bring along a team to follow her. I was lucky enough to train with some of the best kids instructors and qualified with BPM. BG Epic Kids was designed by her and Bear to empower kids, to allow them to love exercise and be non competitive. This was exactly what I’d been looking for. Working functionally was exactly what I wanted to deliver. I worked with Natalie for 12 months constantly asking her advice, seeking her professional opinion on what would work in schools and community. She was an essential piece of the jigsaw as I required help and assistance throughout the first 8-10 months, it was a learning curve and without her I doubt I’d still be teaching kids. My confidence grew over time spent with Natt both on the phone, by Skype or by email/private message. Always available and if not, would get back to me within a few hours. I never felt she was far away although it was actually 400 miles! Natalie has been the best mentor I could ask for. Her professionalism shines and her passion in the fitness industry is quite magnificent. She has high regard from her fellow fitness professionals. I now work in 3 schools a week, deliver 2 kids community classes and because of the non competitive nature of BG Epic Kids I have adapted classes to suit individuals on the autism spectrum. This is extremely specialised and I thank Natalie for believing in me and encouraging me to follow my dream. I’ll always be in her debt. I’d recommend Natalie as a fitness mentor for anyone starting their fitness journey, or if you’re looking for new direction, or if you’ve become stuck in a rut. Natalie will be there to help, advise, assist and encourage you. I seriously hope I get to work with Natalie in the future.


Natt started mentoring me when I first took on a Kids Fitness Franchise. I soon discovered that there is a huge difference in turning up and teaching a fitness session to actually going out and finding those people to come along.

Luckily, Natt has the attitude that nothing is unobtainable and is like a whirlwind.  After an half an hour in her company, you are soon swept up into that whirlwind and not only believe it yourself, but have a focus and path of how to get there.

I’m not one who can ‘fly by the seat of her pants’ and would often leave meetings with School Heads, Group Leaders and parents feeling slightly overwhelmed having agreed to take on a big project/group. After a email/phone call/meeting with Natt, I would come away with a plan of action and (after a little ego stroking) a highly positive attitude.

I know that some people attend courses to be a mentor but with Natt it is truly something that comes naturally. You never feel your questions or too big/smallor or that her time is too precious to spend sorting your insecurities and giving you direction and most of all passing on some of her positive energy.

Without hesitation I would recommend her as a mentor and will continue to be mentored by her.

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